A Steam worm is going around GMod and other source games (like Tf2 and L4D1 from what ive heard from people). You can get infected with this shit just by being on a server with someone who has it.  (also possibly through steam chat?)

Go to 15:39 in the video here to see the worm activating. You can hear coughing throughout the video, but it’s coming from the worm.

If you get messages from friends that say things like ‘VINH’LL FIX IT’ or ‘*cough*’, they’re infected.

More Information

HEADS UP FOLKS WHO HAVE GMOD, might wanna stay away from it for a little bit!

SIGNAL BOOST. Also this is legitimately creepy.

Maybe yesterday wasn’t the best day to start playing gmod again


Shiny Kangaskhan alt. color scheme from Pokémon Stadium 2 !

Pokemon Conquest: Unova 


She claimed my juice


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Bulbasaur Flower Vase by The Daily Robot.

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